September 3

DCS1832 RFK5500 and wireless issues

Had an “open Zone” issue…after removing one of my motion sensors.

I thought it could have been an issue that I may have accidentally incurred, so at first I tried to isolate the problem by removing and then adding the wireless sensor in question… *8 , installer code [5555],  804 (wireless section) and then 001  then 01 which is the zone I had assigned to the front door.

This did not work and I must have made it worse because  the other doors in the same zone seemed to stop responding to open/close…I also tried removing and adding and that didn’t work at all…..

RESET: 969

Finally in frustration I decided to reset the keypad *8 , installer code [5555],  969, [5555],969….wait for the long beep.


Proceeded to add each of the sensors back in using wireless mode *8, installer code[5555], 898. Then open and close the windows doors and set the types (01=delay entry,05=motion for stay, 03=everything else/immediate)

Finally all the doors worked again….EXCEPT the front door… At this point I realized the sensor must be bad and I had wasted my time with the initial steps…..:hit wall

I removed the old sensor and added the new one using the wireless mode and everything is kosher again.

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