September 4

Boxee box and Boxee hacks XBMC

A good friend was kind enough to give me his Boxee box, since it was just collecting dust and the remote stopped working.

Step one root it:

Follow the instructions above, when you get to renaming the Host Name make sure you had a semicolon after boxeebox label.

Step two install xbmc:

I decided to install it on the device/internal memory rather than use the flash drive (sdcard is horrible for this).  I found this executible  but it didn’t work for me.

instead I telneted into the box: on port 2323 with password ‘secret’… the box is running

Linux IntelCE 2.6.28 #8 PREEMPT Wed Oct 12 07:18:29   BusyBox v1.10.2

wget -O /tmp/ && sh /tmp/ to install

Step three add flash drive anyways:

Main reason is there is only around 120Mb of space left, on the internal 1Gb of memory once your install is done…. so make sure its mounted under /media and that you update xbmc in settings to push all thumbnails etc… over to the drive. (**I had an issue with the second, most central USB port… don’t know if this is only on my Bbox but once I had the drive on the outer most USB port it worked without a hitch.)

Kinda nice to finally get a system up so quickly… the only drawback is that if you use the back button too many times any option selected seems “unselectable” you hear and see the select action happen but with out result… I then need to reboot to get the system to respond again.

Finally  if you want to add other services to run on this box think again… its running BusyBox which is extremely limited.

  • 8 May 2008 — BusyBox 1.10.2 (stable)BusyBox 1.10.2. (gitpatcheshow to add a patch)Bugfix-only release for 1.10.x branch. It contains fixes for echo, httpd, pidof, start-stop-daemon, tar, taskset, tab completion in shells, build system.

    Please note that mdev was backported from current svn trunk. Please report if you encounter any problems with it.

using LEEF as my external flash drive… (*you can use a 16Gb without issue unless you want to save your media on the box, a raspberry pi would work better for distribution/repository).

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